Caorunn Gin interactive POS

The team at Caorunn Gin approached Pod to develop a bespoke point of sale unit to promote their product at trade shows and other events. It was vital that the product be portable and hold everything needed for consumers to experience Caorunn in any promotional setting. More important than practicalities, the product had to be interactive in nature engaging customers in a sensory experience where they can better understand the product’s provenance. What we produced was a reinforced aluminium flight case with removable engraved side panels. Behind the first panel is a matrix of wooden trays each holding one of Caorunn’s key Scottish botanicals – customers are encouraged to explore with their nose! Behind the other panel is a high-density foam inlay holding two bottles of Caorunn and six atomisers to further explore the Gin’s key aroma characteristics. The whole unit rotated 360º making it the perfect countertop display.